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Our products

* During the last five decades we have accumulated a remarkable technical know-how in all aspects of top quality products. 

* We produce more than 450 different types of pellet dies including the matching roller shells.


* We also manufacture standardised pellet dies, roller shells and other spare parts as well as customized products according to the customer’s requirements. 


* Our steel alloys are of the highest quality; they are serviced with meticulous precision and hardened for maximum durability. 

We are a German manufacturer where „Made in Germany“ is highly prized and sought allover the world 


We take pride in our outstanding and long record of excellent service and relationship with our customers.


Send us your enquiry to:




Berliner Str. 4

21509 Glinde

+49 (0) 40 710 050-3

info (at)


....and we shall do our best to optimize your business!

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